Silicone Based Coloured Renders

High Performance Render System - Silicone Finishes

A modern, high technology render system, formulated for application to traditional masonry substrates and developed using polymer modified technology. Silicone finishes offer a modern render system in a wide variety of colours in addition to being highly flexible and crack resistant.


  • High flexibility, polymer modified render system.
  • Can be applied to suitably prepared masonry surfaces.
  • Vapour permeable/breathable.
  • High levels of crack resistance.
  • Simple application and easy to maintain.
  • Suitable for new build and refurbishment work.
  • BBA Approved - Silicone Enhanced only.
  • 30 years life expectancy and easy to clean and maintain.
Silicone Based Coloured Renders


Step 1 STEP 1 - Apply Stormshield High Flex Basecoat to suitably prepared masonry substrates.
Step 2 STEP 2 - Bed reinforcing Stormshield Mesh Cloth into Basecoat.
Step 3 STEP 3 - Apply second pass of Basecoat to enclose Stormshield Mesh Cloth and to a total thickness of 10mm and work to a plain faced finish.
Step 4 STEP 4 - Apply 1 coat of Stormshield Silicone Enhanced or Full Silicone Primer to fully cured Basecoat and allow to dry.
Step 5 STEP 5 - Apply Stormshield Silicone Enhanced or Full Silicone Render in the aggregate size chosen and finish with a plastic float.